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d that he had it with him on tha▓t evening. Howe

ll started to his feet▓ and paced the room in suppressed excite●ment. It may be utterly fan●tastic and incredible, he said final●ly, pausing before Lyon and looking a●t him with abst

racted eyes, but it is the ●first possible glea

m of an outlet that I ▓have seen in any direction.I

must follow it up▓.I must see Mrs.Broughton just as soon as p●ossible.I am walking on a mine until I know wha●t she has to say for herself.It may all am▓ount to nothing.It may be of t●

he most vital importance.Now how▓ can I be sure

of knowing the earliest ●moment that I can risk de

manding an interview ●without danger to her health I k●now Dr.Barry. But you can't tell Dr.Ba▓rry why you want to know.It is ●important that not the slightest hint of this s●hould

reach the other side.Of course Bede may● work

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